Statement of Intent

Clarendon Training Limited is committed to the Health and safety of all its employees and everyone who we come in to contact with.  Our aim is to achieve zero health and safety incidents whilst strongly encouraging a culture of reporting everything.

The managing director has absolute responsibility for Health and Safety but every member of the team has health and safety as part of their job function.  Health and Safety is part of the DNA of Clarendon Training Limited.  

It is what we do.

The managing director is Carl Keeling

Clarendon Training Limited complies with all the legal requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Health and Safety Regulations but sees these as minimum standards and strives to achieve best practice in everything it is involved in.

The structure of Clarendon Training Limited is such that Health and Safety forms the core structure of everything we do. Implementation of our Health and Safety Policy forms the key elements of any business meeting and the arrangements and communication of our policy to our team is structured around good planning, our core organisation, effective controls, frequent monitoring and effective reviews.
Health and Safety Policy
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