Length of course: ½ Day

Ideal Maximum number of delegates per session: 10

Who is it for:

Staff who are to be responsible for fire safety and evacuations

Course Content:

  1. The importance of fire safety briefly

  2. Appreciate the essentials of fire safety legislation covering:

  3. The Fire Precautions Act 1971,

  4. The Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport Act 1987,

  5. The Highly Flammable Liquids and Liquefied Petroleum Gases Regulations 1972, The Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997,

  6. The Fire Precautions (Workplace (Amendment) Regulations 1999

  7. The combustion process

  8. The spread of fire

  9. Suitable fire prevention and protection measures

  10. The different types of fire

  11. The different types of fire extinguisher

  12. Action to minimise the risk of fire

  13. What to do during fire drills

  14. Practical experience with fire extinguishing equipment

  15. Evaluate effectiveness of fire drills

  16. Take part in Practical experience with fire extinguishing equipment

  17. Supervise emergency evacuations

  18. The Fire Wardens Role

All delegates fully participating in this course will receive a Clarendon Training Limited Certificate

Fire Warden Training
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